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29 August 2011

Real Bride. Real Cool.

For my first ever Real Bride feature I will be sharing a delight of a gal who is currently less than 2 weeks away from gettin' hitched (9-10-11)! Her and her partner are crafting a fabric-pennant-banner-fabric-flower-red-barn-salt&pepper shaker-escort-card wedding of amazing cuteness. And it's mostly found at Mighty Market, a kind of handmade swap meet shop. I first found her on a blog I no longer read where we both lost a photography giveaway! Her name is Emily Pauline Fanny Dart-McLean and she has the best/funniest/shortest/randomest/craftinest blog ever. She has really cool weekly features like Cat Whisperer (in which Ava and I have partaken), Bedazzled, Workin' for the Weekend and more.
Here is what she would like to share!

1. What is your and your partner's names?
Emily Pauline Fanny Dart-McLean & Alexander Timm Harris

2. How old are y'all (optional)
twenty six years old

3. How long have you been together?
six delightful years

4. How long have you been/will you be engaged?
One year and three months (at the time of the nuptials)

5. What is the theme/main idea of the wedding?
It has quite a few themes, rustic, whimsical, outdoors, vintage (a real amalgamation if you know what I mean).

6. How are you sourcing items for the wedding?
It's a combination of our own loving labor (not to mentioned bickering labor...not often), as well as thrift stores, rental spaces (for the essentials: tables, chairs, etc.), as well as donated items/ time from our dear family and friends.

7. Any difficulties? Unforeseen? Anticipated?
We have attended quite a few weddings in the last couple of years. As observer we've noticed that something always goes a little wrong. Alex's lovely aunt passed on some wonderful advice early on in our planning "if you are married at the end of day, everything went right." That has been my mantra, which has kept our planning spirits high!

8. Are animals included in the wedding in any way?
The wedding is taking place at Alex's parent's beautiful abode. They live out in the country, 5 acres, a barn, the works. Their beloved family dog, Bailey Anne (a beauty of a golden retriever), will be greeting guests. I tell that dog every time I see her "to start practicing not jumping  on my dress." I imagine she will wear a handmade flower on her collar (or something of that nature).

9. Honeymooning?
We have the good fortune of going to Costa Rica for two glorious weeks. Alex's older brother (my soon to be brother-in-law) is graciously buying our honeymoon flights. He's a generous man....and ladies he's single.

10. Favorite food to eat together?
It's tough, we have so many favorites. Monday night Pho dates (Mo Pho), Thai food, anything with  spice.

11. What does a good day spent together consist of?
A good day spent together, is a day spent together. We thoroughly enjoy one another's company in many respects (this looks like laying around the house listening to music, going for walks, traveling somewhere, talking...listening).

12. What don't you like to do together?

13. Care to share a blog/link/youtube (cat) video?

I highly recommend going over there to visit and catch up on all her amazing finds and projects that are completed, and to wish her and Alex well for their big day fast-approaching!


Heather said...Reply to comment

Great feature, and many congrats to Emily & Alex!

Emily Dart-McLean said...Reply to comment

What an honor! Thanks for the blog feature!

Diana said...Reply to comment

What a great feature!! I love your questions and even more her answers! Sounds like they are going to have an amazing day! :)

Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...Reply to comment

No wiser words than those from her aunt: "If you are married at the end of the day, then everything went right." Lovely!

briannamcleod said...Reply to comment

This is AWESOME! Great feature on an amazing couple. Emily has created so many personal and unique touches for her wedding, it is going to be one of a kind.

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