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20 December 2011

Due to low responsiveness...

Goodness, I was thinking of closing the giveaway... I only have 2 people entered and they both seem to really want to win...

Ok, giveaway is   CLOSED EARLY.

Heather, you win! Comment below whether you'd like to request something custom or a surprise!

Jamie, as a runner up, socks it is!!!

I'll get working on these the day after Christmas and you'll have them very soon!



Shardi said...Reply to comment

Don't you hate that? I have a giveaway going on too with no entries, which is odd. All my other ones were quite successful. I wonder if people are too busy this time of year??

I wish I would have noticed your giveaway earlier. Would have LOVED to enter! Next time, I guess!

HiLLjO said...Reply to comment

@Shardi, sounds like a deal! Maybe I'll just come over and enter your giveaway!

Heather said...Reply to comment

Woo hoo! Thanks, girl! I've seen low responses on a couple other blogs lately, too, so I think people must be busy with the holidays or something. I love animals, so I'd say go ahead and surprise me with something fun and animal-themed! Excited! :)

Diana said...Reply to comment

So sorry I missed your giveaway...Congrats to Heather!!! Ive been a bad blogger lately!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas xoxo

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