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13 January 2012

It's Friday, I'm in LoVE!

Do you ever get to the end of the week feeling so defeated you don't give a shit less what day it is, even if it happens to be Friday?

Today I'm keeping it short and sweet to stay positive.
I love me today because:
  1. I like how I think of rebuttals to my writing while I'm writing, and how I address them.
  2. I am really interested in the Calendar Math hubs has become obsessed with, even though I have no idea what he's talking about. Still interested, genuinely.
  3. I donate to Wikipedia.
  4. I am not beating myself up about anything this week.
  5. I had some major big-girl pants on yesterday to not flip out all over bitches at my work who disrespected me in a meeting... In front of me. Golden rule much, bitches?
  6. I drank a CRAP-TON of water this whole week! Crap-ton is now a standard unit of measure based on the ounces of water I drank.
That's all for today; have a great weekend and let all the thoughts that plague you from shit gone awry this week just pass and fade away. LoVE!


Jamie said...Reply to comment

Sorry my comment is late (It now being Monday.), but I couldn't help but remind you how amazing you are! I hate it when co-workers can't help themselves but to be nasty. . .like they are proving their superiority or something (I have a few I deal with regularly). Kuddos on keeping your cool! I must adopt the crap-ton measurement rule as I too am trying to drink more water this year. I have not come close (Sadly) to drinking a crap-ton, but now I have something to aspire to!!!


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