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14 April 2014

Bernice's Gender Neutral Nursery

After all the prep and work that went into preparing for Bernice to be here last year at this time, it was amazing to have the nursery complete. I haven't shared pictures of it yet, so here they are. 
All photos by Shawn Finley

 Yarn Painting by Shawn's Mom
This was in his and his sister's rooms when they were babies, too.
 I made Bernice's orange curtains just for her.
The Grateful Dead poster I found in Chicago 2 years ago. 
When we bought it I had no idea where I would put it. :o)

 Dinosaur rocker from my parents matches perfectly!

That rug was the inspiration for the whole room!

 Shawn and I painted the chevrons by hand.

 This rocking chair in the corner was the one my mom would rock me in when I was a baby.

Special calendar from Bernice's Aunt to keep track of her busiest year. 
Vintage Kitten picture from a yard sale I found YEARS and YEARS ago.
 Glitter Owl from Shawn's parents topped with custom glitter letters from my parents. 
This is one loved little baby!

Of all the cool things about Bernice's room the best thing about it in my opinion is that I think she likes it, too.


Heather said...Reply to comment

What a beautiful nursery! I love everything about it!

Heather said...Reply to comment

What a beautiful nursery! I love everything about it!

Laura said...Reply to comment

I LOVE this nursery! It's so bright and colorful and I love how the rug was the inspiration for the whole room...it just ties everything together, great job!

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