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20 January 2011

Unity Candle, Schmunity Schmandle

141 Days to Go!
I started thinking about the ceremony last month in depth with Shawn and we have decided and re-decided some new things. I wanted a basic, bare-bones let's-run-through-this ceremony because I am going to be a mess of crying and emotions the whole time. I wanted to walk down the aisle with both my parents(I'm an only child), exchange Shawn & I's vows, rings, kisses and do the receiving.
I know, I skipped a Unity Ceremony! I think the candle is silly for us. We're having an outside wedding; can you imagine if it blew out?! I don't think I like the symbolism of that...

Other options I found like Hand fasting is cool--but we're not wholly Pagan.

The snap-together crosses they have now are neat--but we're not Western Christians!
It's not that I'm obsessed with doing something based on or off religion it's that I just want to do a Unity Ceremony that means something to us. It's not enough for me to take time out of the ceremony for something I just think is "neat."
I tried researching Rastafarian customs but I found no surprising information: Rastas do whatever they want. That is the custom. 

Then I found Bellenza and they swooned me away into a land where I'm not overanalyitc about this becuase someone else already has been! I found some great inspiration on this page and I bet brides in a similar position will, too. There's things there that I've never though of before like the idea we ultimately chose: Plant a flower/plant together for the Unity Ceremony.
I may need one or two of these...

This is perfect for Shawn & I because we garden and started to grow our own food last Summer! He was thrilled when I presented the idea to him. I think we will go buy another nice plant to add to our established forest from the Plant House and use it for the ceremony. If I get one of these bunny planters we'll put a blue ribbon on its neck and maybe paint the eyes. I'm going to put ribbon on the mini shovel handles, too. Then after we add the last two scoops of dirt at the wedding we'll put it aside and save it to take it home. I love this idea and I'm so excited to get the things I need for it!


Kim @ Party Frosting! said...Reply to comment

genius!!! We are struggling too! We might have to consider the plant thing! We do a veggie garden every year together too!

hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

HiLLjO said...Reply to comment

@Kim @ Party Frosting!Thanks for all the love and hugs today! I'm glad you might like the plant idea too! I didn't like the idea of the Unity Ceremony until this. It only takes a little something that is part of your everyday life to mean a lot at your wedding!

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