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13 January 2014

Hundreds of Days

 Hundreds of days have passed since Bernice has been born (230). So much has happened and she has changed and grown so much.
You know that feeling you get when you go out to eat at a restaurant and you get the bill at the end? The feeling that maybe something might not add up right; you've been overcharged somehow.
That's the best example I can give you of the feeling I get when I look at these two pictures:

The first photo of Bernice, and the latest I took today (below, obvs).

I look back at all the photos we have taken of her, the hundreds of days documented and remembered. Vividly remembered. It's all there. It all adds up... somehow. All the changes, so gradual and yet so THERE. So visible.

It's sad and sweet. And I remember it all. I feel so blessed to say I remember it all.


Heather said...Reply to comment

Aw, your sweet baby is growing into such a beautiful little lady! It's wonderful that you've documented every day and are truly cherishing each memory.

Laura said...Reply to comment

Your documenting is so awesome, Bernice is a lucky little lady, and you are lucky too! It's so great to watch her grow and to see how happy you are as a mom!

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